The Firm’s corporate law practice focuses on providing unique and in-depth legal solutions to complex business issues and transactions to ensure that its clients’ interests are always protected. We provide our clients with quality and timely service and respond to each client’s needs with the special attention we know each business requires.
Our lawyers work with the complexities and nuances of corporate and commercial law, utilize negotiating skills, and exercise the judgment necessary to complete sophisticated and complex transactions.
Our Firm has expertise in the following fields of Corporate & Commercial Law:

Foreign Investments

Our lawyers have expert experience in assisting foreign investors structure and establish the appropriate business vehicle in the Philippines, considering foreign investment restrictions and tax incentives.
Debt Restructuring & Corporate Reorganization 
Managing credit is a primary concern for all businesses. The Firm assists its clients in finding ways to minimize the time and cost involved in handling debts.
We help restructure debts of corporations and develop plans to restore them to a viable financial position.The Firm is equipped with the experience and know-how to provide effective fiscal strategies, and other creative and practical solutions to address the client’s specific situation.