About Us

Founded in 2001, our firm has been providing effective, affordable and often untraditional legal solution to our hundreds and thousands of clients over the years. Our law firm consists of remarkable team of expert trial attorneys in just about every field of law you can name, and it is because of this comprehensive nature of the legal services we provide, our firm has been able to stay ahead of its league for decades. 

Milton Chambers operates at the leading edge of business. Recognised as a Global Elite Law Firm, we regularly advise on billion dollar deals and high profile cases on behalf of the world’s most powerful corporations and financial institutions.

In an era of increasing globalisation, we are unique in our multi-jurisdictional project management approach and commitment to seamless service delivery across our 50+ offices.

United by a shared vision, values and understanding of what our clients really want, our lawyers provide top quality legal advice whether they are operating locally or across borders from our bases in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Innovation is part of our culture. We approach every piece of legal advice with the same creative, proactive approach – engineering complex structures, devising novel case strategies and creating new markets where appropriate.

We’ve also developed a pioneering package of business and consultancy services and a unique project management system that allows us to deliver complex, multi-national legal services through one point of contact whilst keeping costs predictable.

Our Mission

The consummation of deals and the resolution of disputes and compliance with the law are the reasons for our existence as a organization.  In our opinion, civil argument and reasoning are the path to peaceful resolutions and progress.  We believe Milton Chambers serves our clients by helping them achieve great business outcomes.  

Our firm’s lawyers exhibit a steadfast willingness to explore the alternatives to help resolve disagreements and then we are able to work with other parties to find and follow the best path.  It is through the use of these skills that we are able to deliver value for our clients.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner.   We strive to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness, as if we were representing ourselves.

We focus our attention on the legal aspects of our client’s business so that our clients can focus their attention on the success of their business.   Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.